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Photo Editing Service 

Editing is my passion. Although I love capturing beautiful images the editing part of the job has always been my favourite. I feel like a part of me is missing when I don't have any editing to do and I honestly just enjoy the whole process of watching a photo come to life so so much. 

So, I've decided to offer my services to other photographers! 

If you like the way that I edit and want me to take that weight off of your shoulders then just pop me a message and i'd be happy to help.

I currently charge £2 per studio photo and £1 per outdoor photo. The turnaround time is variable depending on how much of my own that I have on at the time but this can be discussed upon booking with me. I will happily do a test edit for you before completing a gallery to make sure that we are on the same track. 

I can't wait to work my magic on your photos! 

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